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Digital piano rental for home-based lessons and practices

A common problem to piano learners is the lack of a piano at home for lessons or practices. A digital piano from reputable brand like Yamaha Music is a great solution to this problem.

Hundreds of kids and adults started their music journey with our rental digital pianos

At Piano2rent, we rent out digital piano to houses. Our primary goal is to make the instrument accessible to anyone who wants to learn piano. Some experienced players find our service useful too.

Why digital pianos?

A digital piano is an electronic instrument that gives realistic touch and sound like an acoustic piano. Importantly, it has compact size and adjustable sound volume in contrast to acoustic piano which is bulky and loud. These features make it the ideal piano instrument for home use.

Why you might want to rent one?

Not sure if my child has genuine interest in piano

Give your child ample of time to explore with a rented digital piano. You can hire a piano tutor for home lessons. You will be able to evaluate if long-term piano learning and instrument purchase are necessary.

I always wanted to learn piano but life is busy

You can rent a digital piano and play it at your spare time. You can sign up for online lessons and learn it at your own pace. Good to pick up some piano skills that last for life, and resume the learning in the future.

Our piano is under repair / on shipment

A rental digital piano is a good substitute for your existing piano that was sent out for repair or shipment. It keeps you practicing good music even when your own piano is away.

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